Why do we do the things we do and feel the way we feel?

We know that every action, creates an outcome. i.e. if we do something, then something happens and it’s also scientifically proven that how we think, affects how we feel, mentally and physically.

Over 80% of GP appointments in the UK are for issues that are created by a state of mind.

We take it for granted when we cut a finger that we will heal in a few days, yet we seem to have forgotten that we can more than just a finger cut. We are designed to fix ourselves in body and mind.

Once we understand why we acted in a certain way, then we have an awareness. When we are aware of the reason we act in a certain way, we have understanding. Once we have an understanding, we can take ownership of the way we act, and then we can change the outcome once we decide to act in a different way. And then once we have a different outcome, we will then feel different!

It's all about understanding why

It’s all about awareness and making a choice for ourselves. We decide how we emotionally deal with situations, which then determines our actions and ultimately how we feel.

Switched On Thinking



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