Switched On Thinking

90% of small business owners feel alone and unable to confide their fears in someone else, which they feel holds them back

Is your business mindset right for success?

Being in business is tough, with 80% of start ups failing within 2 years according to UK government stats.

While most advisors and sources offer help with, marketing plans, skills training, financial forecasting and planning, employment law & HR responsibilities, it all falls onto the shoulders of one person in most cases. That person is the founder, the entrepreneur, the person that puts their heart, soul and sometimes their home on the line.

There is a significant shortfall in helping that business person to be in the right mindset before they start a journey, that typically has an 80% failure rate!

If the mindset isn’t right, then unfortunately most will fail.

My mission is to help these budding business people be best prepared for their journey ahead, with the best mindset possible, by delivering a variety of content, either as video courses, workshops or public speaking.


The "Switched On Thinking" course

This course has been created to help business owners and others to refocus thinking in a positive way, by becoming aware of the issues created in the mind, and finding ways to change.  

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