About BrainSparx

BrainSparx was created by ‘Ant Webb -The Brain Whisperer’ as a reaction to the pandemic. He was about to launch his methodology, ‘Brain Whispering’, as a resource for business owners and employers to help them with social responsibility to support their teams and employees. Using his own experiences in business and life, Ant brought a fresh and realistic approach to helping people be the best, that they want to be, though understanding ‘why they feel the way they do’ and what they can do about it.

Social distancing prevented the launch of face to face meetings and it became apparent that life as we know it, was going to change. Now more than ever, the human race was suffering unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety. The increased use of online communications opened up the opportunity for most of us to see a new normal. 

Dealing with these significant changes and restrictions creates anxiety in us all and it was decided to offer all the ‘Brain Whispering’ methods, knowledge and solutions direct to those who need help, without the long waiting lists for therapy or risks to personal safety. The BrainSparx platform has a library of easy to understand bitesize videos covering topics such as ‘why do you feel the way I feel’ through to ‘changing the way you feel’. 

It’s all about living a Happy and Fulfilled life and being aware of how to make it happen.

Meet the Team


Founder & Brain Whisperer

Learn about how the brain works and why we do the thing we do - and what we can do about it.


Yoga Instructor

Enjoy a peaceful relationship between your body and mind. Our Yoga expert will be explaining the connections.


Resilience Expert

Our Resilience expert will be explaining how to overcome challenges in life that would normally overwhelm you.


Video Presenting Expert

Communicate online in the most effective way to get your message across and present yourself in the best way possible.