"What you think, you become."

– The Brain Whisperer™

why do I feel like this?

What is BrainSparx?

BrainSparx is a 4 step process that helps people understand ‘why we do the things we do’, ‘feel the way we feel’ and ‘act the way we act’. This content is delivered by a range of experts through easy to consume video content. The foundation is to create an awareness, we use the term ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’.

The video content covers, personality types, motivation, self-belief, power of awareness, how the brain works, why we feel the way we do, understanding emotions and much more, and can be accessed anytime on virtually any device with internet access.

"After using BrainSparx I’m in control of my future and understand why I was always so anxious!"

Kelly Thomsett - Margate

Our first course "Switched On Thinking" has recently been certified as a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) course. Find out more

The "Switch On Thinking" method

Switched On Thinking is an online course allowing students to access methods and techniques to deal with mental health issues such as anxiety, stress and depression

Change your life with BrainSparx and "Switched On Thinking"!

Jen Williams

"Using Brainsparx showed me how to let go and be happy, I hadn’t realised how obvious it was amazed how quickly I became happier!"

Kelly Thomsett

"Why has no one ever explained Anxiety like this before? After using BrainSparx I’m in control of my future and understand why I was always so anxious!"

D. Andrews

"I never knew how the brain worked before, I do now and I understand other people much better and how to communicate clearer"

Course content includes

Creating Awareness

19 Video modules covering subjects such as: How the Brain Works, Communication, Why Do I Feel the Way I Do? and much more

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Gain Knowledge

11 Video modules covering How Emotions Control Your Actions, The Circle Of Awareness and The Power Of WHY

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Take Action

11 Video modules covering Taking Ownership, Letting Go, and Exercise & Movement

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Auto-pilot Engaged!

10 Video modules including Observing Yourself, Auto-pilot Revisited and Change the Program

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